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Steven Brill is founder of American Lawyer

The American Lawyer

The American Lawyer is an ALM Media released monthly legal journal and blog. Steven Brill established it in 1979. 

Steven Brill (born August 22, 1950) is an American attorney and journalist-entrepreneur who established a monthly journal called The American Lawyer. He also established television station Court TV, and is the writer of the best-selling Tailspin: The People and Forces Behind America’s Fifty-Year Fall – and Those Fighting To Reverse It. Brill was raised in Queens, New York, to a Jewish household. He is a Deerfield Academy graduate from Yale College (B.A., 1972) and Yale Law School (J.D., 1975).

Characteristics include:

The “Am Law 100” and “Am Law 200” studies, which rate law firms in the United States by income per lawyer, salary, revenues per lawyer, profit chart, price per lawyer, and revenues per equity partner, and general income. (American attorney)

The Global 100, an annual survey of the world’s top 100 law firms worldwide by total revenue, amount of attorneys per company, and profit per equity partner.

The A-List-America’s most well-rounded, prestigious attorney companies ‘ quarterly rating-the top of the finest. The A-List has acknowledged companies relying on a mixture of economic and social variables: income per lawyer, pro bono engagement, associated happiness and ethnic variety, with double weight provided to RPL and pro bono. Gender diversity results, more specifically the proportion of females equity participants, have also been included since 2017.

Diversity Scorecard is an ongoing list of the median amount of minority full-time equivalent attorneys — Asian-American, African-American, Latino or Hispanic, Native …

“The View from the Top” (Chairpersons of the accounting firm’s quarterly survey)

“Corporate Scorecard” outlines U.S. business companies ‘ results with the most effective activities in corporate finance and capital markets.

Steven Brill is founder of American Lawyer

The American Lawyer bought Miami’s Review Business Publications in 1986, which included four journals in central Florida: the Broward Review, the Palm Beach Review, the Miami Review, and the Medical Review in South Florida.

The American Lawyer’s blog releases regular stories about legal company worldwide.

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